Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tough Training Week

Today ended my third week of training for the triathlon, and it was a tough one.  Each week we increase the training time and intensity by 5-10 percent.  Next week we will scale back and then start building again the following week.  My body is so ready for a week of scaling back.  I can't even tell you.

Yesterday I taught a 45 minute spin class and then immediately ran 4 miles.  I knew it would be a painful run, but I have to put myself through it in order to be ready for race day.  I can't remember when running 4 miles felt so horrible.  The first two miles were like running against the wind through sand.  The last two miles felt slightly faster, and the pain was less, but that's not surprising since I was so fatigued that my body just felt numb.

Today, we swam for 40 minutes and then biked 20 miles.  It was a rough 20 miles.  For me anyway.  The Husband seemed to do just fine.  My least favorite words of encouragement of the day were, "Get right behind me and draft up this hill!" as he quickly pulled further and further away.  I would have needed an electromagnet to catch his draft.

Most of my memories of this ride are of hearing my labored breathing, feeling soaked in the muggy heat, and seeing this.

I couldn't focus on the scenery or the wildlife.  Today, I just needed to get through it.

Pulling into the parking lot, there were no big smiles.  Just a huge sigh of relief.

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