Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy, Stupid, or Both?

Last year, the Husband completed his first triathlon.  I watched him train like a maniac all summer long.  I swam a few laps next to him during his training swims.  I biked with him after he completed his 30 miles for the day.  I even ran a few of the shorter runs with him.

On the day of his triathlon, I was his road support, his cheerleader, and his nutritional adviser.  I was thrilled to be there to support him.  But as soon as he crossed that finish line (ten minutes before his goal time too), I was jealous.

I might be crazy, or maybe just a little bit stupid.  But I think I may train for the Fall Creek Falls Triathlon this summer.  It's an Olympic length tri, which means swimming 1,500 meters (just shy of a mile), biking 24.9 miles, and running 6.2 miles.  Gulp.

I can run.  I've completed five half marathons now.  I can knock out 6.2 miles.

I can bike.  I teach at least three spin classes each week and during spring break the Husband and I completed a 35 mile ride through beach towns.

I can swim.  Kind of.  If you dropped me in the middle of a lake, I could survive and swim to shore.  It wouldn't be pretty, but I'd get there.  I can do the crawl, but I can only breathe on one side.  While swimming laps, I often hit the lane dividers, and there's no way I can even attempt the flipturn.  I hate sharing a lane with someone because their splashing makes me choke.  I think I could survive a mile swim in a zigzaggy line.

But all three in one morning???  That's what training is for.

I'm already a little behind.  I only have twelve weeks starting, well, yesterday.  Part of me thinks that since I'm fairly fit already, all I have to do is ramp up the endurance to complete a 3 plus hour event.  The rest of me has no idea if I'm even capable of such a feat. 

So, training started yesterday with a 5 mile run.  It continued today by teaching a spin class and buying my first ever swim suit NOT designed to wear sunbathing by the pool.  Training will continue tomorrow with my first swim since last summer.

Am I crazy, stupid, or both?


  1. You are AMAZING!!!! That is what you are. And I also think you are a little bit more than "fairly fit." Rock solid is more like it

  2. I adore this blog, numero uno. You are so interesting and funny and spirited and humble, all rolled into one.... Love it. And yes, you will KILL IT. xo!!!

  3. What Tyler said. And then some.

  4. Okay, you three have no idea how much you inspired me this morning! I read your comments right before heading to the pool. I was so nervous about the first swim, and your encouragement was exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!